Before You Buy – A Guide to Historical Waterfront Homes in Stuart

Martin County offers a plethora of luxurious and historic homes that rest cozily on the serene waters of beautiful South East Florida. History oozes from every corner of each home. Whether you’re a family of three on a budget or are single and retired, you must weigh all of the practical price options and living expenses when searching for the perfect waterfront home in Stuart, Florida. These simple tips will assist you in your search for the appropriate historical waterfront home in Stuart.

View from a Waterfront Home including lake, docks, and boats.Signs of Structural Damage

As pretty and unique as a home may seem on the outside, if you don’t investigate the inner structure you may be in for a surprise. There just might be structural damage on the inside that is unseen to the naked eye. The most efficient way to tell if a historic, waterfront home is damaged in any way is to watch out for uneven floorboards, the faint smell of mold or mildew, or missing shingles. The foundation of the home may be slightly off or may lean a little more to one side, or there may be evidence of salt corrosion. These are telltale signs that there may some serious issue within the home that even the homeowner may not be aware of. Your agent should be aware of these issues, but it is important to take note of them for yourself as well.

Some Restrictions May Apply – Property Stipulations

So, you’re sold on a waterfront home and are ready to purchase. Before you dive in, consider that there are rules and restrictions attached to every home and its surrounding property. You may have purchased a waterfront home, but not necessarily the surrounding area. For example, maybe you have a boat and would like to add a dock to the property, but your property may have plant or wildlife restrictions that prohibit you from doing so.  Once you determine the main interest in purchasing a waterfront home, a trusted realtor will share the “do’s and don’ts” of ownership. Be sure to consult the HOA on what you can and cannot do when purchasing your home.

Mind the Weather

You are considering a historic waterfront home for a very good reason: the peaceful and quiet mornings and evenings that overlook a vast water-scape and the natural surrounding habitat. While there are these perks, you have to consider the weather hazards as well. This applies to both ocean and land settings.  Your real-estate agent should go over the best ways to prepare for weather related issues such as heavy winds, sever hail or excessive snow.

A Waterfront Specialist

Whether this is your first home-buying experience or you’re looking for a waterfront vacation home, don’t rely on just anyone to help you along. Your best friend or coworker may be a reputable realtor but it’s beneficial to find a trusted real estate agent that specializes in waterfront property. Historic waterfront homes take a special kind of agent- one who has detailed knowledge of waterfront property. A waterfront real estate agent will inspect the finer details that traditional realtors or agents may not.

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